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The Impact Of TV On Kids

As a parent, I am guilty of this. Considering the educational value kids would learn through visual interpretation provided by educational TV programs, I, in fact, allow my kids to watch TV more or less longer than what’s necessary. But the question is, how much is too much? According to sources, kids spend over 1,000 hours per year in front of the TV, versus the 900 hours they spend in school. This sounds very alarming if we very well know how TV could affect our kids’ totality. What are really the drawbacks of TV? Let’s find out.

Kids become passive. Kids that watch TV on longer hours don’t know how to independently find activities that would be fun to them rather than watching TV. They become idle. As soon as TV is turned off they become restless and irritated. These children are not exposed to the real world. They are not socially active because their time is spent mostly on the four-cornered room of the house. Sometimes, TV is used by most parents to keep the kids occupied while they do their own chores. I say there should be an implicating rule with until when and what to watch.

Does it really matter what our kids watch on television?

Does it really matter what our kids watch on television?

Kids depict risky behavior. Consistent watching of TV distorts the idea of good and bad. Television show introduce that smoking, drinking, and violence are cool stuff and the role who played this is always the hero in every situation. Kids who absorb this kind of information often relate it to real life situation. These are the kids who are aggressive in dealing with other kids. They have in mind the negative thoughts that something may happen to them and that there is a need to protect themselves from others. They seem to connect what they saw on TV as what will happen in reality.

The Impact of TV on Babies and Young Children

The Impact of TV on Babies and Young Children

Poor school performance. This is the most common impact of TV on kids that watch it more than the desired hours. Kids are so much engrossed with what they are watching that they sometimes forget to do their homework. Oftentimes, they stay up late resulting to lack of attention span during class hours because they lack the proper sleep due to watching too much TV. Also, those kids who do their homework while watching TV on the background don’t have enough retention skills because they are doing the work half-mindedly which is basically resulting to poor school performance.

There are more and more evidence that TV can be bad for your kids’ health. With that, many household now embrace the idea of not having television set at home. Now, imagine life without TV. Could you bear it? Could the kids become excellent students if TV hadn’t been known? A life without TV is possible if it isn’t probable. But if you find it too difficult not having that idiot box inside your home, try minimizing the use of it by the kids. As for me, I want to see a healthier generation of my children. 

3 Money Issues To Watch For Before Retirement

You have to be sure that you’re making it easier for your money to be utilized carefully. There are several things that must be factored into the process of getting money to work right for whatever you have to spend it on to help you out with anything you’ve got.

When Do You Start Saving?

First, you have to think about the way how you are getting your retirement savings plan up and running. The problem with not having an appropriate plan is that you might end up losing money because you aren’t getting into a plan on time. For instance, a 401k plan might be effective for your retirement needs but many employers make it optional. You have to specifically start your plan as soon as possible so you can start saving money.

3 top issues for workers delaying retirement

3 top issues for workers delaying retirement

In addition, you have to get your bank account and other money accounts ready with the ability to gain interest over a longer period of time. You must use this right to help you make it easier to use.

Watch for Your Stock Investments

One money mistake that people often make before retiring involves spending too much money on stocks. They tend to force too high of a percentage on their long-term savings into stocks. This often makes it easier for people to lose money in the long run.

7 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money -- Without Working

7 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money — Without Working

You have to take 100 and subtract your age from it to figure out how much of your savings you should be using when investing in the stock market. For instance, you can use 60% of your savings in stocks if you are 40 years of age.

In addition, you should be as diverse in your stock investments as possible. You must be aware of these investments so you’ll know what you are getting out of it.

Don’t Rely on Social Security

You cannot just rely on Social Security before you retire. While you might think that this retirement investment can be great, you have to watch out because there is a good chance that the money that’s in Social Security might run out before you can actually get it. This is a real point of concern for many retiring seniors as the number of Social Security beneficiaries begins to increase.

With the total number of beneficiaries increasing by about a million people or so each year, there is going to be a serious risk that you won’t get the money you deserve when trying to get into Social Security. Therefore, you have to focus on saving and investing in your money elsewhere so you can avoid the sticker shock that comes with what you might potentially get out of Social Security.

These three money mistakes are important points that you must be aware of. You have to watch for how you are spending money and how you are saving it so you’ll ensure that you have an appropriate amount of money for your retirement. Watch for how your savings plan works alongside your stock investments. Don’t forget to avoid the trap of sticking with a Social Security plan for what you might want to utilize.

5 Steps To Choosing The Right Business Name

Businesses that want to succeed know that having a good name is key to generating more profit. People instinctively trust the impression that a brand makes to fuel their purchasing decisions. This is the reason why entrepreneurs spend a lot of time in choosing a name for their company. It is how they will be remembered, which is why they need to get it right.

If you’re looking for a business name for your company, these tips below may be of significant help to you.

Be Creative

Clever wordplays go a long way when it comes to choosing a business name. A company that has the courage to be as creative as they could get is automatically seen as a provider that offers enjoyable experiences to customers. Linguistic tricks, for instance, that set a theme for the company’s whole terminologies will impress your audience more than flat and clichéd words.

4 Smart Tips For Choosing a Good Domain Name

4 Smart Tips For Choosing a Good Domain Name

Choose a Good Domain Name

Aside from your company’s official business name, your website domain will also help in creating an overall brand that will make people want to buy from you. Experts say that short, overused domain names are not as effective as those that capture people’s attention while still being true to their industry and specific market.

Keep it Simple

Being creative and fun should not get in the way of being as simple as possible. Your target clients should not have a hard time spelling it or – more importantly – remembering it. In this way, they can easily look you up online when they need to, as well as recommend your company to other people.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

Make Sure It’s Original

Capitalizing off another company’s popular name by going for something that sounds remarkably close to it is more likely to hurt your business, in the long run. This is because it will be quite possible for your target audience to mix you up with another company, which can spell out disappointing results for your marketing goals. Instead, come up with a business name that doesn’t pigeonhole you with similar companies in your industry.

Always Aim to Stand Out

Some companies, especially startups, think that they will be safer in going with a company name that allows them to blend in with others. While this may be effective for those that are in the medical or financial industries, other companies are advised to do their best to set themselves apart from the competition, especially if you’re targeting the masses as your main market.

Choosing a business name may not be an overnight process; it takes a lot of thinking to end up with something that customers will respect you for. If you pitch in the necessary effort and drive, though, you will find your company well-rewarded.

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